Friday, October 20, 2017

Going Forward

Hey everyone,

Although I didn't win my bid for Red Deer city council, this time around, I did gain a lot of support and good will in the community and that is an achievement of which I am immensely proud of and grateful for. Exactly 4,709 people looked for my name on a ballot and then filled in the bubble beside it, that's up from 2,747 from 2013 when I first ran. Thank you!

I learned a lot over the last four years. I made a concerted effort to stay involved in the community and to be a force for good through my work. My blog and my social media videos proved to fulfill a need in the community for meaningful engagement and leadership. I realize that people want their voices to be heard and their concerns validated. Over the years, I reached out to many citizens, heard their concerns and then made videos and wrote blogs about them. I put myself out there as someone who is relatable and approachable because that's what I want from a city councillor. 

During the weeks leading up to the election I literally sat down with 6-10 people a day, often in coffee shops or at their homes. The notion of "Coffee With Wieler" became my de facto election slogan. I didn't sit down with people just to rattle off my platform rather I sincerely sought to learn and understand the many viewpoints in my community because diversity is strength. I set out to listen and learn so that if elected I could then act in a way that truly represented my community. I will continue this work. I will continue to serve my city in my best capacity.

Going forward I will continue to stay involved and to work for the good my community however I do need to slow down and devote a lot more time to my family and some more time towards growing Food For Friends and my first aid/safety training business. I will continue to make videos about important issues in our city. Also, I have been toying with the idea of starting a podcast. Maybe it will be called Coffee With Wieler. I have met so many interesting people and had so many enriching conversations over the last while; I think it would be a good amplify their voices. 

I want to thank everyone who supported my campaign during this election. I am truly grateful! I started out hoping to be a reasonable voice for environmental and social sustainability and quickly realized that this is about so much more than just me. I am in awe of how many people added their voices to my own and how that grew into what it is today. I also know that this work must continue to grow. There are a lot of very important things that need to happen in Red Deer and we can't afford to stay in neutral. I strongly encourage you to reach out to our new council, engage with them, make your voice heard. I hope our new council listens to the community and overlooks paralyzing rigid ideology that so often prevents progress. 

I am optimistic for our future because there are so many great people in Red Deer who are doing amazing work. We have a lot going for us but our people are our most valuable asset. Red Deerians have a proven history of being innovative and resilient. That is why our city is a place where people love to live and want to stay. Our future is bright.


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  1. Nice post, Jon. I am proud of you. How can I return my sign and also have a coffee date with you sometime?
    Bob Forbes