Monday, July 17, 2017

Jon Wieler For City Council, Why?

Hey everyone,

I am announcing that I am running for Red Deer City Council and I want to hear from you! Over the last 4 years I have made a huge effort to demonstrate community leadership by speaking out on important issues. I have been writing a blog and making YouTube videos about the issues that concern my fellow citizens and I am grateful for all of your support!

I am especially grateful to have been challenged along the way to check my assumptions and learn new ways of thinking about solutions. I have come to realize that solutions aren’t found in rigid ideology but that we are well served by an open minded, collaborative approach. That is what I will bring to the table when I am elected. I have a proven track record of mindfully engaging people both on social media and in the community.

I grew up in Red Deer. I graduated from Hunting Hills and went to RDC. I have worked in the oil and gas industry for over a decade. Now, I am an Enform safety instructor. My wife Krystal and I own and operate Bullseye Safety Training. I am a family man and Red Deer is the community where I am raising my kids and I want them to be happy, healthy, safe and to have opportunity. Our city is a really good place to raise a family and I am proud to live here. I want to give back to our community by serving on council and working to ensure that our city continues to be a vibrant and prosperous place to live.

As a family man who made a career in the oil and gas industry, I understand the struggles that many have faced during the economic downturn. That's why it is very important that we focus on getting the best value for our tax dollars while maintaining our high standard of public services. I am happy when I see our city investing in things that will improve our quality of life and make Red Deer a place where people love to live and want to stay. We can do this by continuing to strategically save money for future amenities and by maintaining fiscally responsible tax rates. When I’m a city councillor I will insist on maximizing efficiencies in the system so that we can pass those savings onto the citizens of Red Deer.

Crime is also a serious concern in our community. I’ve spoken with many people and heard stories about businesses being broken into, vehicles being stolen and drug needles laying on the streets; there’s a lot that we need to clean up in this city. With that said, some of the best minds have come together over the last few years to figure out what we can do and there are some very feasible, evidence based solutions being put forward. When I’m a councillor I will be committed to making Red Deer safer by implementing these solutions and putting action behind our words.

The environment is also a concern that I share with many Red Deerians. Climate change adaptation needs to be the foundation of all of our plans going forward. We will be well served to consistently consider this question: “How will this move us towards our environmental goals?”. As our city grows we will be using more water from our river, we will be using more energy and we will looking for new ways to manage waste. We have an amazing opportunity to make Red Deer truly environmentally sustainable. When I am councillor I will be committed to implementing solutions that will protect and restore our environment.

The first question people ask is why am I running. To put it briefly, I am committed to getting the best value for our tax dollars, to putting crime prevention strategies into action and to making Red Deer truly environmentally sustainable. But, who is against those things? I’m sure every candidate will also say the same. I am committed to rising above the rhetoric and that’s why I need your help.

What do you suggest we do to make our city run more efficiently so we can get the best value for our tax dollars?

What do you suggest we do to prevent crime and make our community safer?

What do you suggest we do to make our city more environmentally sustainable?

Let's go for coffee!

Please feel free to email me ( or contact me on social media; just search for Wieler4RD on most platforms or use the hashtag #CoffeeWithWieler.


I invite you to support my campaign:

Thank you!

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